Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home and all that

After watching Kung Fu Panda thrice, Madagascar and Ratatouille for a bit and even Igor for quite some time, I reached home exhausted and deserving for some nice bhindi(ladyfinger!). I spent a night in Jamshedpur, which I absolutely loved in the morning. The auto drove through Beldih Church across all the government bungalows and carefully tended gardens. JSR seemed to be pleasant with an air of stability.

So much time I have now at my hands, I sat down to write something after so long. College takes up so much of nonsense time even when you're not that busy that I found myself unable to write anything there.

I woke up today in the drawing room where I always sleep with the sound of the knife cutting through cabbage and my dad getting agitated. There was no newspaper today and believe me, its tragic news on a Sunday. I had an early lunch and sat down rummaging through old newspapers. The Bombay Times here is as thick as the complete newspaper that comes in college. I found the one I was looking for, dated 3rd May. I wanted to read TOI's articles on Osama's death and found them to be quite good.

After reading all of it, I realised the dilemma which US and Pakistan are in. I wondered on 2nd May, before my last exam, how US was allowed to go to Pakistan and kill him and bury him at sea. Which country's citizen was Osama at the time of his death? None? If he was never caught, how can anyone declare that he should be dead, without a court proceeding? Taking the blame himself doesn't finish the story does it? Questions go on and on for people like me on these topics.

On a happier note, Dada got a summer internship with Pune Warriors and he'll open tonight! I am indifferent to IPL at the moment. We were [Read: had to] watching Star Parivaar awards and mom was spotting people from TV shows she probably watches daily. It hit me: I AM HOME! The land of nonsense TV and good food!

I start interning with Polaris on Monday and I leave for a trip to Europe on 25th May which should be fun. After a promise to bring back soil from Switzerland, the birthplace of Federer, I am still open to requests for souvenirs from there, though I am sure most of you have already been there. So, that takes the thunder off most of it.

Some of you must know my recent attempts to extract Wikipedia and I report with sadness, I still haven't been able to complete the job. More space is needed! While watching the progress bar on the WinRAR window, I think is it even worth it? Then, I realise I can't really justify it. Who cares anyway.

I leave now to watch House Season 7 and later listen to Anoushka Shankar but I leave you with this C&H strip as always. Enjoy Mother's Day!


  1. sahii beta.....everywhere at home, the situation is very much mom was also watching star parivar awards yesterday...and i am looking forward for the same pleasant jsr in the coming weeks :)

  2. soil wud do...please do bring!!