Friday, February 11, 2011

I am a paranoid dolphin

Dude, I need a break of sorts. I need to stop everything. Like that CBSE poem telling us to stop walking, talking, breathing, breaking and building. I am paranoid. I get irritated too easily. I lose it too soon. I forget there is time, so much time left for so many things. I dont need to overload myself. It has to come one at a time. Everything has to just pause for some time, lets say a week. I should take a break and go jump in the ocean.

I want to float in water and just keep on wondering about buoyancy. More like a dolphin, I want to keep going in the water. As the water level rises while I slowly immerse myself into the pool, I want to feel that tingle that runs through your chest making you shiver. And then the slow walk from the iron step to the center of the pool while your head remains dry and then waiting for the moment. Looking up at the sky almost like waiting for that eagle to fly across the blue expanse, you let go of yourself and fall into the water. In a mad rush of temperature and touch, the water runs through your hair and inside your ear and in an instant, you feel lighter. Suspension is probably even better than sleep. You come up again and wipe your hair off your face and through the back of your ear. You're ready now. Now waiting for the planets to align and then synchronous with the sudden spring of a cheetah you're picturing, you kick hard on the back wall and launch yourself forward. Tearing through the water surface, you wonder how long this surge will last. 6 tiles, 7 tiles, 10're slowing down. Just a couple more, 16 tiles...17...and you swing your arms up into the air and splash down cracking the velvet. Dolphins get to do this everyday...

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