Sunday, May 22, 2011

To prove: I am studying Computer Science

Lately, I have been eavesdropping around my house- the kitchen and my parents' bedroom and I heard really mean and awful things! Sniff.

"Is he actually doing engineering? I dont see any of it in him. Its like he just hasn't grown since he left school!"
"I know. On top of that, he's doing it in computers. He does stay on the computer but he talks to random people all the time in weird keywords!"
"Aap jakar pucho na usse ek baar!"

[Exagerration - begin]
Tears dropped on the floormat outside the door and I tiptoed away back to my room. I couldn't believe it. 3 years of my life suddenly came crashing down like the WTC. Fingers went numb and the faint sound of the fan suddenly started echoing in my brain!
[Exagerration - end]

So, basically, I decided I will use the laptop but for one constructive purpose atleast. And, what better use could it be for, than starting on my BE final year project?

What? Now, suddenly, you don't like this post anymore?
"Another one of those CSE ka noobs wanting to show their CS skills...whatta shame!"
I know...I know. Bear with me.

After lunch, I got a "jhaad" or "meri mom ne mujhe suna diya" or whatever.
"What are you going to do about GRE?"
I hate those moments. I hate it when that happens. You know you have to do something and you so badly want to postpone it and you have no reasons as to why. Then, your mother asks very innocently, so caringly about your future, and you have to rub it off by a "Karoonga na, thode din mein, pakka."
So, I decided I will do two things today. Register for GRE and set up the final year project's Hello World program. Thats exactly what I did!

Registration for GRE was a breeze and I was surprised to find available seats in August in Kolkata. So, that's done.

As for the project, let me explain it a bit to you before you change your tab to Facebook and check for notifications. We [Aditi and I] aim to create a speech recognition system to help kids learn how to read.
For that, we plan to use CMU Sphinx4 [An opensource library by Carnegie Mellon University for Speech Recognition written in Java]. That's it.

Setting up was initially a daunting task as I didnt know where to begin with. Multiple google searches led me finally to a page which explained how to do it in Eclipse:
After fixing random jar files, I tried running the program and it crashed by saying I ran out of heap space. Whatta shame again with a 2GB ram. Again, several Google tabs opened faster than a dog runs from a water spray. Eventually, I found a small and pretty [it looked pretty trust me, at 11pm after an entire day spent in trying to run a program, everything looks pretty!] solution to change the maximum heap size to 512mb in the VM arguments of  the Run Configuration of Eclipse [So technical I am! :D]
And, voila!
I spoke: "Good morning Rita" and it typed "good morning rita" !!!!!!!!!
[Exagerration - begin]
Mount Everest conquered, Osama found and killed, Global Warming reversed, Pune Warriors win IPL and Qasab is hanged. Now, combine those feelings and you begin to feel like I did!
[Exagerration - end]

At end of day's play, Vrashank was at 2 for no loss!

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