Sunday, January 30, 2011

A post about everything

This post is literally about everything that I have bottlled up inside me till internet came back. Like I always say, its like Army Camp out here. Every day, a new challenge comes up, be it water, electricity, food, internet, or just people acting weirdly, which happens more often than you think.

So, first up I'll take the case of a couple of movies I have watched...some which have left a mark. NOKJ failed miserably, maybe because I expected too much. And also because I saw the Sea Link in a scene set in 2006. So...blah to that!
127 Hours was impressive! OST was as brilliant as Rahman could ever get, and for some reason, I liked it more than Slumdog's OST. But, sadly Sigur Ros stole the show with Festival, the 9 minute, 26 second long masterpiece playing when Aron cuts his hand, gets out and runs to a helicopter. Hair raising scenes those were, but they make you wish Rahman had composed it. Danny is bloody brilliant with his attention to detail. While watching, do notice the lips of James Franco as they dry up due to lack of water and turn pale and crack. Superb!
Megamind Despicable Me have started this villain-centric animations and I am in love with them!

Next is my account balance which is going down like talktime while making an ISD call! I just dont get it. Where is the money going? Am I dropping notes while I walk? Does someone owe me a lot of cash? Whoever it is, I need it back! Every time I walk past UCO, I feel I need a job, real soon. This GRE, CAT thing is not for me. I should get a job and start earning if I have to sustain all this. Then, next moment, I buy a 20rs Lays and kill myself.

Winter is finally retreating but I don't want it to go completely. This weather is just perfect, not too warm and cold enough to keep the fans off. I hate fans.

This year is turning out to be a year of learning. Learning to deal with people, their moronic ideas and acts and deciding "This is the last time I am doing this!"
Tagging along stupid decisions is as bad as making them. So, I dont blame anyone. But then I do.

A:"What the hell is wrong with you?!"


A:"Thats a stupid idea!"

B:"No its not, Lets go!"


And we all end up where we never wanted to be.

A: "I never wanted to go."
B: "Everyone was going so I went along."
C: "He's an idiot! I am never going with him!"

And the circle of life completes.

Quizzing toh chal raha hai. There is so much to write but I will leave the topic for now. I leave for Allahabad on Friday for a quiz. Wish me luck...

Internships? Who me?
Neah...didnt get any yet. All I got was a consent from 3 professors from Brazil but I couldnt apply. "BIT is not centrally funded" but BIT is as poor as NIT Patna!

Hot Chocolate and Maggi Soup keeps me up and running in this cold. Till next time I find time to sit and write while listening to Halo 2's OST [Listen to Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix], I hope you are ok.

After this stupid post, maybe this C&H strip will cheer you up.

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  1. nyc one ... especially the last half portion, we are on the same boat..gradually we ll wrk out on that also...:)