Friday, December 24, 2010

Tomorrow’s what I’m waiting for

Its that time of the year again! When you hope you were a christian [if you're already one, you should still read this], when you wish you had a christian girlfriend, when you wish you stayed in Bandra, knew more about the Bible and not just skewed facts from Da Vinci Codes, always thought why didn't Hindus have hymns like Silent Night which somehow sound better than the ones we have, how you have always wanted that christian name was Arthur or Stella or Scarlett, or how much we like the anglicized names of the roads, Park Street, Connaught Place and Brabourne, when we think how did people buy virgin/Virgin birth or how cooler it is  to give out cake instead of laddoos, when we think of Christmas sms's but then don't really care but still send it because we have those unlimited schemes, how much we prefer the customs of candles instead of crackers but still feel the burn from the latter on the fingertips and how Christmas has and always will be special to us.
After studying in a particular Clifton School for three years and having sang hymns every morning, Hallelujah and Hark the Herald makes me pleasantly nostalgic. Silent Night just reminds me of Cartoon Network.
Remember this?
Silent Night, Smelly Night,
All is raw, All is rice...

*Smiles and high fives*

As always, Bill Watterson captures exactly what I think and imagine. Here is one for today, perfect, poignant and warm.

And keeping in tune with 2010 and Time Man of the Year, here is a video of Christmas, 2010-ishtyle!

I love Christmas. We all do. But, frankly, there is nothing in particular I like about it. Apart from the morning of I think 25th Dec, 2004 when I woke up to find a US Army soldiers and fighter jet figures beneath my pillow. For an entire day, I sincerely believed nothing wrong can happen in this world, as long as my parents are sleeping in the next room. That, Santa can gift you even if you don't have a chimney. Or, lets make that last statement figurative. I hope everyone has a chimney in their life!


  1. u forgot the snow...i wanted that too....n laddoos are cool....

  2. u 4gt 2 add d rum cakes,the free booze and the free non-veg. but what would a jain know.:P

  3. Great Expression... Been for 10 years amongst the same fraternity, Nostalgic to me too :)

    And yeah.. Am lucky enough to have a Christian neighbor, Loving the Christmas :D

  4. @utsav only motichoor for me [get it?! :P ]
    @shashi sigh...jain-thing never gets old does it? i can imagine the chicken and turkey roast...
    @gourav thanks!
    @sitesh christian neighbor is awesome! hope she's hot!

  5. I only hope that the electric chimneys work fr santa !! :D

  6. I loved the way you ended it!
    My my. You are getting better at this with each passing day! Keep em' coming soldier :)

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