Friday, December 10, 2010

Prudence is imperative

I don't need to elaborate on the news. Just the point I need to make before you. As much as we like reading about the world reacting to the arrest, the release of the documents and memos and the subsequent comments from leaders all over, I need to bring to your attention something very important. Pointed out by a dear friend from the States itself, this entire story could spell disaster for you.
A recent memo from US agencies clearly spell out this in layman terms :
The release of the documents does not change its status as classified. So, viewing, downloading or sharing the documents still counts as breaking the law.

So, you risk losing your job because of a silly distraction at work or home or wherever you find a free wi-fi connection!
Infact, this doesnt apply only to Wikileaks. The case is of one Juan Williams who was fired from NPR because he apparently felt nervous when around Muslims. Numerous companies are now pouring into the new recruits' Facebook and Myspace profiles to dig out dirt - Profanity, nudity, alcohol use and the likes.
Existing employees also stand losing their jobs over a silly hat with a pornstar stitched on top or even a status update criticizing work policies.

I picked up the following points to keep in mind all the time, from I suggest you should memorize them :

  1. Don’t add your bosses in your facebook network
  2. Don’t add colleagues who is not so good with you
  3. Don’t post anything good or bad about your job, company, boss or any colleague.
  4. Don’t post pictures which are consider to be very private.
  5. Don’t write about your past, if it was bad. We all have bad pasts.
  6. Use facebook privacy settings always.
  7. Don’t write anything, just anything.
  8. If you are a student today, tomorrow you will be on job, facebook will prove your character and HRs love Facebook.
  9. Avoid comments containing, nudity, abuse, controversies, religious remarks, insults or bashing with F**** languages.
  10. Respect your company’s policies and save your job.

 Prudence really is imperative. You sure don't want to be headlining the news tomorrow morning, over a silly photo upload from tonight's slosh party you don't even remember tomorrow morning. Get a hold of yourself and don't discuss sensitive issues.

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