Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing hard to get

Harsh playfully pointed out a very important thing we all have to remember. After getting rejected in the first round of interviews in Microsoft as well as Goldman Sachs, I feel weird. A bit irritated and dejected to be frank. But philosophical at the same time. So, I will discuss this with you.

Big or small, famous or infamous, rich or poor, all companies look for what they do. Its pointless to think you have X talent, which will be your ticket to glory. It aint gonna work. No one cares what you have or know. They look for what they want.
So, the midnight call from TnP or the morning knock from some other batch-mate only makes your heart skip a beat and you start to shiver. You feel : Oh dear god! This is the moment! I am better than that PQR moron who beat me at long jump. And you get ready for the interview in almost 3 .5 minutes. No bath. Almost tooth-brushed.
TnP is the coldest place on earth. You want to pee every 10 minutes but you dare not get up and leave, or else Anshuman'll see you! Slowly, the company-wale come and make their way to the various rooms (MR-2 is the worst). Once inside, I dont know what they discuss but it always sounds pretty serious. You wonder what the MBA and Abacus magazines are doing in the corner. Why on earth would someone come here and read Competition Success inside the "Training and Placements" Cell?
Once you're in, you feel the HR guy could've looked better. Why does he get to wear jeans and Adidas shoes and I have to wear a vest and put on my dad's tie? He asks you "Tell me about yourself" and you recollect your prepared statement "I am an extremely determined creative enthusiast yada yada yada I am impressed by your company's profile ...gilachimocojojo... a hard working perfectionist like me" BAMMMM
You're out.

Next company comes and you learn squat. You still think you can make better of this HR guy coz he's bong. Well, hate to break it to you but he's a hotshot C++ "enthusiast" as you call it, and he ain't intersted in what you say. He wants you to code for determining the most suitable move for a knight on a chess board. Mind you - CODE. The last code you wrote was for union of a set in MATLAB!

And, that's how I got rejected. Twice in a row...Best of luck!


  1. No experience is bad experience. If nothing else, I'm sure these two instances will help you save your ass, if not catapult you to an elite set at some other set of interviews at some other point of your life. :)

    Funny thing, a friend from Comp Sci was just explaining to me the code for etermining the most suitable move for a knight on a chess board a few weeks back. The phunyness.

    Also, you're much much better off. Atleast you have companies like Microsoft and Goldman Sachs coming in for internship interviews! We just read about them in Mint! :P

  2. Awww...thanks. I still don't know the code :P. I should learn these things a bit now. I figure it'll help me out in some way. I wonder how these interviews will help me though.

    I'll just keep hoping. :)