Saturday, August 17, 2013

For Arnav, coz everything is about him!

Date: August 18th, 2013



For the times, when you come with a key to fix it in a lock,

For the times, when you get on your knees, to race with me through the house on our 4 'paws',

For the times, when you copy me with all those funny gestures,

For the times, when you'd give a naughty grin when too much of ketchup spills in the plate,

For the times, when you bring a spoon every time I'd have tea,

For the times, when you look like a sensible human being right away, 

For the times, you call everything and everyone- Adi,and how I felt I was blessed to hear that from you,

For the times,when i shall be your very cool chacha when you grow up, to the fact that, i want you to be like this forever.

For the times, that are yet to come, that shall make you a wonderful man!

Yours always,
Oh Goggy

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