Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A song to remember people with - Part 2

Right then, lets get back on the road with a song to remember people with.
Just an FYI, I rarely write and I only do when two things are happening:
1. I am inspired by extreme sadness/pity or happiness
2. A brilliant piece of music plays in the background that spurs me to write.

Today, I am neither sad nor happy. But, the music is driving me to write. This particular piece by A R Rahman for 127 Hours called Touch Of The Sun is a masterpiece, almost as good as Dhobhi Ghat's soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla and the music in the background of Farhan Akhtar's poetry in ZNMD. Check it out.

6. What Sarah Said by Death Cab For Cutie (And the entire album called Plans for that matter) & Wires by Athlete

Ok, the band sounds weird if you're hearing it for the first time. Prachi Sibal - My only senior from any school I have ever been to (5 schools to be precise) who I am still in contact with suggested this song. I was in 11th/12th Grade back then and preparing for AIEEE like an overzealous student of Arun Roy Coaching Classes. She had this list of bands that I had never heard of and that genre was completely new to me. But, these are some of the songs that have stayed with me.
I used to have the 1st Generation iPod Nano- beautifully black, slim and tall - it worked like a charm. I am gonna be cocky and go on to say that there weren't a lot of people out there with it at that time. Now, everyone has one and I am the only guy without one! Death Cab For Cutie and Athlete was NEVER deleted from the iPod. Everything else was removed and added at some point, but these two never got erased. Its funny because at a point of time, the iPod was filled with Metallica, Maiden, Slipknot, Pantera and AND the slow and steady Death Cab for Cutie!

7. Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe by Rafi and Mere Paas Aao by Amitabh Bacchan

A break from English music. These were both suggested when I was a kid by my brother, Ankur. I feel odd to not include any Kishore Kumar song. But, Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe is just so brilliant, I have to include it. We used to sing it along when he used to come home for holidays from college. We had an old Sanyo tape recorder and we have connected all lengths and sorts of wires on it to catch the FM signal. At one time, we realised keeping the heavy steel scissor, that mom used for  knitting, near the wire boosted the signal too! But, the day used to start with this song. We didn't have internet back then so we asked Dad for the next song to sing and Mom joined in from the kitchen and before you know it, the entire house is singing Aaiiyee Meherbaan, Baithiye Jaane jaan...

Why did I leave out Mere Paas Aao? You have to listen to the song and you'll get what I am trying to say. Imagine two brothers sitting in front of a tape recorder, listening to a song about a hunter and a lion and looking at each other and laughing and gasping!

8. Set Fire To The Rain and the rest of Adele's songs.

I caught on to the hype pretty late, but it was Utsav's room in 4th year, 8th sem. Mystique the treasure hunt was live on the internet and our 53 hour marathon had just begun. We were sharing the internet through a wifi hotspot and sitting in that room for 3 days almost without stop. We stepped out briefly to eat and to grab a Veg Grill at HnC Cafe at the canteen. This was, by far, the most amazing 3 days of my life. There is nothing better than seeing your 3 year old dream come alive with so many people playing and loving it with your best friend in college! And our playlist? Just two songs. One was Set Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol, and Set Fire To The Rain by Adele. Seems odd? Well, we searched for "Set Fire in iTunes. Two songs turned up. And that was that. For the next 3 days. On loop.

To be contd...