Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ready to rumble!

Of late, I have been feeling a funny feeling, one that is filled with a sense of finality and of a new beginning too. And I have been finding it somewhat difficult to cope with it. I say somewhat difficult because I knew the end of college was coming and it feels better than it did when I was in the train back to Mumbai, and also because I don't know what to expect from work.

Its been 10 days since I left college and obviously, I am raring to get back to it. Honestly, the feeling has subsided quite a bit. But, the urge to go back hasn't. What has changed is that the fact that college is over has started to sink in now. I think everyone must be realising this now. It was bound to end. It has. And there is no point fretting about how badly we want to go back. Its pointless. That has changed how I feel. In a week, college has changed to a trove of memories and mine are littered by little bits and pieces. Its not like the strands in a pensieve that J. K. Rowling wrote about. Mine are more like little flashes of scenes, emotions and dialogues all knitted together to form this bizarre modern art of a cloth that I wear everyday to bed. My memories of college are more about people, places, situations and events individually. For example, I remember Harry washing his hands before leaving for class, even after taking a bath. Or, I remember how we always thought the Chem prof had actually died when he sat on his chair in the lecture hall. Or, how everyone thought Dodo was a nuclear energy researcher turned mathematician and his skin was peeling off because of exposure to radiation!

What is also happening is, in 4 days, I will start working in Pune. Its a big shift, I suppose. I have not heard much about how life suddenly changes from "Dad, I am running out of money" to "Hey, HR, when is my salary coming?". I bug PK about it almost everyday, trying to get as much information as I can about life at ZS. I think I might have bugged him too much. But, I am doing all that because I need to keep myself calm and happy and excited about working.

I still have a lot of doubts about life as an employee. How do you manage the 1st month till you wait for your salary? That period is kind of like college I guess? Am I really gonna be so tired I'd rather sleep the entire weekend? Which laptop am I gonna get when I join? Will Limbo run on it? (Coz it doesn't on the one I am typing this on right now :) ) But, more serious ones like how long am I gonna last there? Am I going to get through IIM selections like so many of these ZS people have this year? Will I find friends who will be even half as fun as the ones I met in college?

I don't know what lies in store for me. But, I do know it'll be good. It has to be now that I blogged about it!

As usual, here is your C&H treat!

Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. Hey Vrashank Sir, it was a very good read :-) Especially bcoz I have hated college my whole 3 years till now. And now when it's time to be a senior (and behave like one, I don't know how to although! ) I am getting a feeling that once we leave, we actually miss a place that was ours for fours odd years, no matter what. And no matter how much I hate whatever I hate about college, I am gonna be in your place too someday.

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading. And even though the last time I saw you was around canteen when I was ready to leave for the summers and also wanted to wish you luck and goodbye, I hate farewells.

    So all the very best for your time in ZS. You'll be missed here in college for sure. You are one fun person!