Thursday, March 21, 2013

Music Music Everywhere, Not A Second To Lose!

What is it about working and music? Infact, working late and listening to music? For me, the image of a long day at work is not sitting at my desk, slouching on the swivel chair with tons of paper next to me above which there are a dozen cups of coffee.
No no.
For me, it'd be slouching with a headphone on my head, tapping to the beat with the marker on the table and swaying to the beat or just shaking my head at the awesomeness of the flute in the song!

Lately, I have started listening to a few Tamil songs and to my complete surprise, I love them. Kadal is the second fully Tamil album I have heard, after Boys. Both of these have absolutely fantastic songs in them by the master Rahman. But, the song that has stayed with me over the past 4 months is Vellai Pookal. I don't fully recall my reaction to this song when I first heard it. But, I am sure it was nothing less than this:

There are some songs that have stayed with me after college. Some of them are:

1. Two Step by Dave Mathews Band
2. Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
3. Liberation from 127 Hours
4. Grand Vals by Francisco Tarrega
5. Kitni Baatein from Lakshya
6. Anesthetize by Porcupine Tree

And then there are some I discovered after coming to Pune, from people around me:

1. Charlene Soraia's version of Wherever You Will Go
2. Radioactive and Demons by Imagine Dragons
3. Annabelle Lee by Sarah Jarosz
4. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
5. Pi's Lullaby from Life of Pi

Although I do make

face when I am listening to these songs, inside, I am losing myself into this so much I forget work.

I was at Hard Rock Cafe when I heard Dream About Me by Moby. That is also a brilliant song, although its video with a cat is depressing.

And then there are some that stop you from work. Not because they are so amazing that you have to stop and take notice, but because they're just downright crap!
Like this one, about a Hookah. Eeshhh....

I hope you get to listen to these songs when you're working and you let yourself get taken over by them too! They help me out at times when I am down, when I am feeling lonely or when I am missing college. To lose yourself into a melody, into the sound of the wood, the tension in the string and the vibes of the air, you need a good headphone. I don't have a Bose or a Sennheiser, but my little Phillips SHP 1800 headphone with 6 meters of cord works perfectly. They're lightweight, fit easily on to my little head and sound great! You also need someone with whom you can share the sounds with, share how you just got awed by this amazing talent of Sarah Jarosz's voice, or how we still can't replay the flute in the middle of "Jiya Jale" from Dil Se. For that, I have KM. And for that, I'd always be thankful to him. Not many people tolerate me nudging every minute with a new song, but because he does the same too, it works!

I don't know what spurred me to blog after a year, but I am happy I have broken the hiatus!

I need new songs. Could you send me a few links? In return, I'll give you the Yukon Song by Bill Waterson!

Credit where it's needed: Tumblr Link for Pikachu GIFs.


  1. Imagine dragons - tiptoe
    The clash - rock the casbah
    Timbaland - give it a go (OST real steel)

  2. Heroes - David Bowie.
    House of Cards - Radiohead.
    Let me love you - Glee Version.
    Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners.

    And since you mentioned Tamil numbers, this has been my Tamil-song-obsession-take-away-type-thing from Bangalore -