Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Must Eat @ Roopali and Drink at TJ's

What do you do with a few thousands of your newly earned money and an entire weekend? Do you go to The Westin Koregaon Park? Or do you go to Malaki Spice? No, thats where employees go for a team dinner on client money.
Instead, we went to Roopali, 15 kms away from Magarpatta on FC Road, near British Council Library. And, the experience was, as they say, so-so. (I am not particularly proud of using so-so, I hope you know.) We ordered South Indian, AGAIN! Which pushes me to rename this series to "I MUST EAT SOUTH INDIAN @".

But before Roopali, I must tell you the epic fails 12 hours before.
*Scene blurs into a black and white animation*

After sharing one Pazzta around 9PM, we felt we could devour a horse at 1.30. So, we set about trying to recreate this:

 (We had cooked this the previous Saturday.)

But, all we got was a cracked bowl, debris in the microwave, burnt garlic and some discoloured butter. We lost hope, but not all of it. At that moment, our gaze settled upon bhujia. So we mixed oregano and lemon juice and tried as much as we could to enjoy it.
This morning, we woke up with vengeance. We felt we deserved a lunch buffet at Marriott. And we expected an awesome lunch at Roopali.

*Scene blurs and we enter reality*

Roopali sure is famous as a quick sit-eat-pay-run place, but its fame is largely because of its sister concern Vaishali. Silly us, we didnt go to Vaishali. At Roopali, we had to wait for 5 mins to get a place and such is the rush that in a table for 6, he accomodated us and another couple of girls. That didnt bother us much, but what did was the food. Masala Dosa for Rs. 50 wasn't a delight, nor was the Sambhar. Then, with courage we ordered a Tomato Uttapam, and my word were we delighted!

Fancy huh? It tasted amazing, and with a little bit of butter floating on top, this was the moment of the day. Naturally, we ordered extra sambhar and chutney. And Roopali wiped our smiles faster than they do in the Tide ads. We were charged for extra Sambhar and chutney!

So, if you skipped the entire story to read the summary, here it is:
Roopali - FC Road, Famous, Didnt live up to it, Uttapam is good, Reasonable on your wallet.

So, I change my title to: I Might Want To Go To Roopali.

Now, another place I wanted to tell you about was TJ's. Its reviews have been in the papers recently. TJ's Brew Works is a restaurant with a brewery. Literally! They call it Microbrewery.

And they have a genius plan too - Prepaid Beer Card.
Yes. Yes. Just like your phone.
You have to buy a "card" for Rs. 500 and you get Rs. 500 as balance. Then, you go to any of the beer stations, that are linked to the brewery, swipe and choose your beer and pull the lever to fill up as much as you want! Simple! And new! And it counts the amount of beer you drink in a month and simultaneously shows rankings. The leader at the end of the month gets some reward. I asked, "A free litre of beer?" And the waiter said "No dude, its not that small a reward." :D

I don't consume alcohol so I wouldnt be able to give you personal reviews, but a friend tells me that you should avoid the wheat beer and try a particular black-colored beer.

That's it for today. Tomorrow, I move out of the guest house and into a flat nearby. I will try and continue this series and move away from South Indian food! Hope you are enjoying it. If you don't, well, Moo to you!

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  1. Vaishali is the only place I've eaten at while in Pune(Sadness, I know), and a friend insisted I try the Mysore Cheese Sada Dosa. Boy, was she right! Cheesy to the hilt. Give that a try whenever you do happen to visit Vaishali.

    Loving this btw. :)