Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grey and hopeless

Like I always do at dinner time after a boring day at Polaris, I took my plate with a glass of mango shake to my room, put on my headphones and played A Bit of Fry and Laurie while I munched away my boredom. Usually, I finish dinner without a break. But today, I paused in the middle for a long time and thought. After losing myself and coming back, I decided to share the scene's dialogues with you after dinner. Here it is.
Notice how Douglas is so sad he is able to convince a perfectly happy Stephen into believing nothing can be done about this world.

A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Season 4, Episode 1
Skit Number 1:

Douglas (Hugh Laurie) is sitting at his desk in his office when Stephen Fry, acting as his boss, comes in.

Stephen: ... you all right, Douglas?
Douglas: I'm sorry sir, I just ... it's just ...
Stephen: Come on, old fellow, spit it out. Whatever it is, it can't be that bad.
Douglas: I've got this feeling that my life is grey and hopeless.
Stephen: Grey and hopeless? Grey and hopeless? Oh now, come on. What are you talking about?
Douglas: I look into the future and what do I see?
Stephen: I don't know, what do you see?
Douglas: Just the blank rolling of the years, one after another, like grey, hopless waves beating against my brains till the blood runs out of my ears.
Stephen: Now come on. You've got a wife and two children, a very pleasant house, three loving goldfish ...
Douglas: I know, but what does it mean? We live in a doomed world. Doomed.
Stephen: Oh nonsense, what do you mean doomed?
Douglas: Nobody likes anybody any more, nobody cares about anybody or anything. People go around hitting and stabbing and stealing and insulting. The countryside's a poisonous mess, the cities are unbreathable, you can get beaten up by a twelve-year-old and ripped off by your neighbour.

Stephen: Well, I grant you things aren't ...
Douglas: There are no certainties, only battle-lines. No pleasure any more except in getting drunk or high on dangerous drugs that are supplied by maniacs with machine guns.
Stephen: Yes, it's a grim old world alright, but surely it's always been ...
Douglas: Films and music are crap. Books are crap. The streets are so full you can't walk in a town without being pushed off the pavement, the roads are unusable, the trains are a joke, the politicians are so feeble-minded and gutless you can't even hate them.
Stephen: Even sport isn't fun any more, really, is it?
Douglas: You smile at someone in the street, you're either knifed in the kidneys or in court for rape.
Stephen: Opening a newspaper's like opening a fold of used lavatory paper.
Douglas: Turn on the television and you're sprayed in coloured vomit.
Stephen: It's frigging useless, isn't it?
Douglas: We're done for.
Stephen: Shagged. We're bloody shagged. Oh, Jesus.
Douglas: Grey and hopeless.
Stephen: Grey and hopeless.

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