Sunday, June 6, 2010

We only take No for an answer.

Many people have asked me how I got vrudijones as my email ID everywhere. Some of them probably were "sarcastically interested" ( I don't know a word for that). I always told them its from a villain in Superman. I had myself forgotten who Rudy Jones was!

That's him! ^
This one might be more familiar.

Also known as The Parasite, this 'supervillain' should be along with Hulk and Spiderman at the Tussauds!
Okay, the title is just something I remembered from the Yellow Submarine video. Yes, your Blueness! hehe.

I am a worried kid. I think I worry too much. Of issues within my scope and beyond too. Artic ice, tribals, dolphins & tigers, little kids dancing on TV all day long...but, also of my mom's slowing hands and feet, my friends back in college fighting the heat to give their exams again and of a chalazion in my left eye, for which my Bhabhi says I have to get a "minor" surgery.
Everybody is worried about saving the environment. So am I. I do my part! I read about it and water the plants in the balcony... and think I am helping in getting more O2 out there.
They are releasing The Cove in Japan. For those who are unaware of this, click. Taiji fishermen are probably worried no one will buy dolphin meat again. (phew)
ASI is worried it will never get the Kohinoor back.
MS Gill is worried Commonwealth's infrastructure won't be complete in time.
Anil is worried Mukesh won't give him cheaper gas coz they're bros.
Girls are worried monsoon will come late.
Guys are worried more players will get injured before the Fifa WC.So, we're all worried kids. And we won't always find  perfect viable solutions. That's for sure. We have probably never gotten a fresh piece of advice from anyone.
Chalo for the time being, yehi theek hai!


  1. hahahahaha....rename the blog to "carry on jolly!!!"

  2. I love it! :D

    In words of Sejal, If you don't keep at it( with randomness, if nothing else), I'll punch you!

    Keep blogging! :)

  3. Beatiful.Layered,subtle and true on so many levels.I would quote 'Sejal' too "Its never too late to get a life...blah...blah...Im sure somewhere in this world(probably Kenya) theres somebody wholl put up with your bullshit but it aint me!Also please put some clothes on...I dont like it when you read out your blog naked in a mall"